coffee project


After all student brands competed last week, the final four brands were been selected. Take a look at them below! These four brands can be purchased from November 21 to midnight on December 5. The profits go toward offsetting the travel costs for DECA competitions. 

Coffee can be purchased online with this link or by placing an order with a Camas DECA student. Your order can be picked on December 12th at Camas High School, or delivered to you. We hope you join us in supporting our students!

Label 1 - Sanchez Period 4

Label 2 - Sanchez Period 5

Label 3 - Sanchez Period 6

Label 4 - Downs Period 2

About the coffee

All of the coffee that is sold is from BJ's Coffee Roasters, located in Vancouver, WA. The beans are sourced from four distinct origins and roasted locally. The two options for purchase are the primo blend (ground) and the espresso blend (whole bean). The primo blend is a popular medium roast, with a smooth and mild flavor. The espresso blend is also a medium roast, and produces a full bodied espresso with a luscious crema. 


Why the Coffee Project?

Camas DECA's coffee project, A.K.A. Tree to Cup, has been a long running tradition and an integral part of the Marketing 1 curriculum, all made possible due to community support. Students learn about the process of creating, pitching, advertising, and selling a brand in an hands-on way. 

The profit helps offset travel costs for DECA competitions and provides more opportunities for our students.