Marketing 1: Not sure where to start? Marketing 1 is usually the first class students take when they join DECA. Concepts covered include promotion, sales, economics, management, and more. Students also gain public speaking skills, and participate in hands-on projects!

Advanced Marketing: After completing Marketing 1, Advanced Marketing gives students a deeper knowledge of previous concepts. Students will work with local businesses to write and present a research project. Additionally, students have the oppurtunity to mentor first-yrear students and continue improving competition skills!

AP Macroeconomics: Students will study business cycles and learn how fiscal and monetary policies affect the real-world economy. Projects include a virtual stock market game and working on a business research paper. Students will also be prepared to take the AP test in the spring. 

Student Store: Students fully immerse themselves in a selling environment by taking the responsibility for complete operation and management of the Student Store. This is including, but not limited to, supervision, ordering from vendors, inventory, sales, promotion, and bookkeeping. Selling and customer service is in practice during every lunch period.