AREA 9 Conference

The preliminary round of competition is the Area 9 Conference. Students prepare roleplays and projects to compete in a variety of different events. 

For a roleplay, a student takes on a position in abusiness and is confronted with a real-world business problem that they must find a solution for. In ten minutes, the competitor must come up with a creative solution while addressing performance indicators. 

Short written projects are prepared ahead of time, ranging from a start-up business plan to a to professional selling project.

Long written projects are an opportunity for students to work with a local business, conduct market research, and write up a unique marketing plan in collaboration with this local business.

State career development conference

The State Career Development Conference is held in Bellevue, where students gather from all around Washington to compete for a hard-earned spot at ICDC. Students can compete in roleplays, short written projects, and written projects.

international career development conference

At ICDC, students from all over the world come together to compete for the ultimate prize! Our own chapter has had competitive success on the international stage, with three 1st place finishes and multiple teams making it to the finals. ICDC is held in one of three locations every year (Anaheim, Atlanta, and Orlando) and is always an incredible experience!