Beyond competition, our chapter has frequent socials and activities to have fun as well! We also actively promote service to the community. We love to help around not only in our school's community, but in the larger community of Camas as well.

School Involvement

Within our school's community, Camas DECA has helped by being active in educating the Camas High School students with different aspects of our chapter projects, such as education on career development and stress relief. Creating a positive and helpful environment for students in high school is one of our main goals. In our program, we hope to provide a place for students to feel belonging and community.

Local Involvement

Within our local community of Camas, we enjoy helping at different events to improve our city. Different events such as helping local humane societies and the Downtown Camas businesses, hosting a toy drive for Doernbecher's Hospital, and volunteering at our local middle schools are just a few examples of our community service.